The Festival Centre Arrangement!


This year is the third time that the Festival will be held at the building in Targowa Street. The previous exhibitions arranged by our colleagues have always featured an understated style and original ideas. Despite the limitations, we have always attempted to maintain the spirit of the venue (building) having in mind that the exhibition space should be just be just a background for what is the most important at the Festival: the exhibited objects. The contrast is the basis of our concept.We used black flat panels provided by the Festival Layout Design Partner to delimit the perimeter of the subspace, divide it and frame it. Their structure and colour perfectly contrast against the original infrastructure of pillars and ceiling of the building left unchanged with their multi-layered texture of flaking paints in endless number of colours. We wanted the new structure to remain independent on the existing structure of the building. Therefore, we decided that the interference with the existing components had to be reduced to the absolute minimum.The black flat panels perfectly contrast against this infrastructure, both because of their texture and because of their colour. At the same time, they allow for unambiguous identification of the boundaries between the changed and unchanged space.
In several places, we have enhanced this simple rule by the addition of the “glamour-style” material – although it is just the aluminium foil used by paramedics or put on shoulders of athletes finishing a marathon. This inexpensive material has significantly enhanced the partition walls made of the panels.The whole concept and levels of individual exhibitions will be linked by the subtle info graphics. The Design Festival is predominantly the exhibition space. It has been designed as unobtrusive and friendly background that does not interfere with experiencing the exhibits.
This is why we wanted it to be as easy to understand as possible and provide simple communication and intuitive separation, while the info graphics items are both signposts for visitors and a visual play with graphic signs. Last but not least, is the ground floor space with the Festival Office and accompanying functions. It is both the showcase of the Festival and a cross-functional space – a venue of events, fairs and lectures. This is why we have focused on the flexible adaptation of the space to the changing needs throughout the Festival period.
medusa group