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Lodz Design Festival 2013 – It’ s all about humanity

This is the first time the festival programme has been structured according to three key themes: CONSUMPTION, COHABITATION and INTERACTION. They are consistent with the motto of this year’s festival: It’s all about humanity, the meaning of which has been explained by Lodz Design Festival Programme Director Małgorzata Żmijska as follows:

“There was a time… not that long ago… when elitist aesthetic concepts were the point of reference for design. It flirted with them, going against them or joining their ranks, not paying much attention to the matters of mere mortals and ignoring the developing challenges of contemporary life. This time, however, is over (…)” Read more

Downloadable materials:
Description of the structure of Lodz Design Festival 2013 (doc)
Presentation of the Lodz Design Festival 2013 programme (pdf)
This year’s festival poster (pdf)
Small images for publication (zip)
LDF 2013 logo (zip)
– LDF leaflet (pdf)

General Information on Lodz Design Festival

Lodz Design Festival is an event held since 2007 serving as a platform for arts communities with an interest in the broadly understood area of design and for businesses to exchange thoughts and experiences.
Thanks to the efforts made by the event organiser, Łódź Art Center, and to the support provided by many partners, the festival has grown from a local event featuring several exhibitions to Poland’s major event entirely focused on design in only a few years. It presents different faces of design including industrial design, arts and crafts design, graphic design, architecture, or fashion.
The core of Lodz Design Festival is the main programme comprising curated exhibitions, complemented and enhanced by an open, extensive accompanying programme. Its highlights include: lectures by world-famous experts, the make me! contest for young designers, and the portfolio review that brings together art school students and graduates and professionals (curators, designers and manufacturers) to enable the former to face off their ideas and get feedback.
Downloadable materials:
Lodz Design Festival 2012 summary (pdf)
Links to photo reports documenting previous festivals
About organiser (doc)

BiznesUp! Conference – 25.10.2013

‘Business people do not just need to understand designers better; they need to become designers.’
Roger Martin, Dean Rotman School of Management

The BiznesUp! Conference is a pioneering event focused on the benefits of collaboration between businesses, designers and design management experts such as improved business outcomes or increased competitive advantage. It is a good opportunity to meet top-class experts on design-based strategy development, user experience design or service design.

Downloadable materials:
Conference logo (zip)

must have 2013: Results

The must have project comprises a voting contest and an exhibition. Its first edition was launched two years ago. The contest involves the Council of Experts consisting of the representatives of mass media and major design centres who use a subjective process to select the most outstanding and remarkable objects featuring current design trends. The selection pool embraces projects submitted by the Experts or entered into the contest single-handedly by individual companies. All works selected in the voting process are later exposed at the accompanying exhibition during Lodz Design Festival.
The short list of must have products to be exhibited at Lodz Design Festival 2013 includes 67 products selected out of 300 entries. For more information please click here.

Downloadable materials:
- Must have contest logo (zip)

make me! Contest Results

The make me! contest and exhibition are a signature event of Lodz Design Festival. It has attracted the attention of broad audiences, mass media and experts for six years already. It is directed at designers aged from 20 to 35 who can enter their work in industrial design or graphics, from textiles and fashion to glass and ceramic products, for competition.
The post-contest exhibition will showcase 20 items selected by a jury from among nearly 200 submitted projects.
The winner of the contest will receive the main prize of PLN 20,000 funded by the Major Festival Patron Paradyż Ceramics. We will find out the winner on 17 October at the opening gala of Lodz Design Festival.
For more information please click here.

Downloadable materials:
make me! contest logo (zip)