CAD Projekt K&A, “D.I.Y. Interior Design” Proposal

“D.I.Y. Interior Design” Proposal

It is for the third time that the CAD Projekt K&A company has showed its offer at the Łódź Design Festival being the only interior design software producer participating in the Festival. Since the last year’s event, we have been busy co-organizing and initiating the Designer Zone, and watched it develop with a feeling of satisfaction. This year we make a proposal of “D.I.Y. Interior Design” as what seems obvious is not always easy to achieve. We are concerned about the tools produced by us to enable configurations tailored to the specific individual needs of designers specified by their customers. Interior design is a dialogue and compromise between your dreams, and software usability and budgetary constraints. Our product offer makes it possible for designers to choose how to handle the dialogue with their customers and how to perform the task effectively.

Every day (excluding 19th October), we are going to hold presentations in the Designer Zone entitled “D.I.Y. and explore, design and create your interiors with CAD Décor PRO”. Our Product Managers will do their best to answer all your questions and to disperse all possible doubts relating computer aided interior design. Each presentation will be followed by a short lottery, and the winner will receive one (1) three-month-long licence key together with a full commercial version of the CAD Decor PRO software. Also, we invite you to a lecture entitled “D.I.Y. and Design Your Own Interior – CAD Projekt K&A” to be given on Saturday, 19th October, at 1.30 p.m., during which 3 other temporary licence keys shall be given to fortunate lottery winners.

At all times during the operation of the Designer Zone program, you will be updated on the most recent releases of our software and asked to fill out Contact Us Questionnaire forms. All the submitted forms considered to be filled out properly will then be used in an extra lottery held on 20th October, 2013, at 6.00 p.m., on the last day of the Designer Zone operation, and the winners will receive three (3) temporary licence keys.

/17-27.10, Designer Zone, Festival Centre, Targowa 35