Inhabitation or speculations on how the living space is arranged and who makes decisions about it. IN-HABITATION. Garden city, gated city is an exhibition prepared by the Institute of Architecture. The project is devoted to changes which occurred in contemporary residential architecture (including urban planning), their connections with the inhabitants’ identity and progressing changes in the city’s space and the gradually forming social stratification

The block is composed of the following parts:
– Exhibitions: IN-HABITATION. Garden city, gated city (Main Programme),  and Curator’s guided tour: Institute of Architecture
– Accompanying Exhibitions: Modernity – Tradition – Process – Creation (ASP), Another City (Iva S Tatermushova) School. Designing educating generations (Foundation Bec Change) Designed to be individual (project group CSTM)
– meeting: Jurgen Bey / In the perspective of nonsense and other senses that make no sense.