make me!

The make me! competition and exhibition are hallmarks of the Łódź Design Festival. For six years, both events have been drawing, in their unique way, the attention of viewers, media and experts. Their target group include designers aged 20-35 who submit their industrial design and graphic projects in such categories as textiles, fashion, glass and ceramics.

make me! is our way of investing in the Polish design. The competition opens the way to the design scene for young artists, and the exhibition of the best competing projects is an opportunity to present their work to the international audience
of the Łódź Design Festival.
Each year, projects are assessed by a panel of international experts that include Festival organisers and renowned professionals in the design area. This year, out of nearly 200 submitted projects, the jury selected 20 to be displayed
as part of the post-competition exhibition.

Wiktoria Szawiel, C-chair – for an interesting experiment with the natural properties of the material to obtain a comfortable seat and backrest.
Nina Woroniecka, Nomad – essential living minimum – for an attempt at creating a solution that reflects both anti-consumerism and the process of gathering things.
Natalia Gil, The Taburet – for a provoking, disturbing and far from schematic approach to the topic of comfort.
Grzegorz Cholewiak / Drache&Bär, Laufrad – for simplicity and aesthetic value of the proposed solution.
Marlena Gałka, Kresiki – for attractive combination of form and functionality by using the shape aligned with the motoric capabilities of a child.
Monika Szczepańska, Acutobtus LAMP – for creating an interesting story about technique and form, and for the selection of materials.
Karolina Zięba / crl, CRL.ludLOVE – for serious approach to the folk art and integrating it into a simple collection of casual clothes.
Hanna Ferenc, Bar stool – for an interesting concept of integration of an assembly tool as a part of a piece of furniture,
and for a non-standard design of the stool.
Marta Morawska, Wallet – for engaging future users (blind and partially sighted people) into designing the product, and for keeping the traditional wallet form that is attractive for an average user but employs solutions dedicated to the specific target group.
vel (Dorota Pakuła vel Rutka, Karolina Chyziak), UL lamp – for different possibilities of adjusting the product for user’s needs, thanks to its form.
Aleksandra Satława, DE.SERKI – for a refreshing form of a board for serving meals.
AP DIZAJN (Agata Zambrzycka, Piotr Górski), Re_ed – for an intriguing experiment with materials, non-standard combination of them and applying them differently from the usual way.
Maja Szczypek, “Happy Hens” egg cartons – for an innovative use of hay as packaging material, and for a very clear allusion to the natural form of a nest.
Agnieszka Mazur, LESS – for an excellent solution of the space management issue in its simplest form.
BEZA Projekt, Beza Elements – Plasters – for development of a simple and good-looking solution for DIY enthusiasts and constructors,
and for exploration of a new area of design.
FabLab Łódź, Veggie Coster – for an interesting solution that integrates inhabitants, and for the re-use of parts.
Agnieszka Kamińska (Shamrock Studio), Secret life of bees – for great graphic design and usability for the target group (blind and partially sighted children), achieved with the use of friendly colours and textures.
Marzena Krupa, Pic-nic – for the beautiful form reminiscent of a decorated table, light design and the possibility of adding decorations by the user.
Marta Kwiatkowska, “Kurzyska” jacquard fabric – for good processing of the traditional motif, and for using the material that is rather avoided these days.
Justyna Zubrycka, Flying seesaw – for an interesting and interactive form that can help everyone to feel like an angel.

One of the above projects will be awarded with the Grand Prix of PLN 20,000 funded by the Main Sponsor of the Festival, Ceramika Paradyż. The jury of this year’s competition consist of:

Michelangelo Giombini – editor, Interni magazine,
Dennis Dahlqvist – journalist, enthusiast and collector of different varieties of design,
Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka – propagator of Polish design, exhibition curator and Programme Director
at the School of Form
Michał Piernikowski – Director, Łódź Design Festival,
Tomek Rygalik – designer, professor, artistic director
Małgorzata Żmijska – Programme Director, Łódź Design Festival