_IN-HABITATION. Garden city, gated city

IN HABITATION. Garden city, gated city
Łódź Edition

Curators: Dorota Jędruch, Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak, Agata Wiśniewska, Michał Wiśniewski
Curator for Lodz: Kacper Kępiński
Organiser: The Institute of Architecture Foundation
Partner: The National Museum in Cracow
Layout design: medusa group
Graphic design: Joanna Sowula

In Poland, for over 20 years we have witnessed the realization of people’s dreams of having a house with a garden. The fall of communism was followed by the advent of opportunities offered by the free market. Let us stop to think how the realization of those dreams has influenced the shape of Polish cities. Why, instead having a garden-city, or a city with garden suburbs, have we ended up with a gated city? There is proliferation of entry bars, gates, fences, PIN-codes, badges of security firms, and TV cameras… Who is separating oneself from whom? Why are we destroying communal space?
Why is the city spilling out without a plan, why are suburban houses in their present shape a mockery of the original idea of being close to nature? Why do we see adverts for new housing developments, with names which evoke contact with nature, only to find that the trees which grow in their lands are the first victims of the construction project? Where do they come from, these enclaves of people of the same social status within the cities, separating themselves from the rest of the space? Where and how do the others live, those left behind the physical and the metaphorical wall?

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You will have the opportunity to discuss the exhibition entitled IN-HABITATION: Garden city, gated city during the curator-led guided tour, with an additional perspective on HABITATION brought to you by the exhibition prepared by the Bęc Zmiana. Foundation, held at the former primary school in the Księży Młyn industrial district. More details available soon.