_Food | Design | Humanity

curators: Sonja Stummerer i Martin Hablesreiter / Honey & Bunny

“Eating is about more than just providing the body with the nutrients it needs to survive. We do not want to swallow pills or gulp down concentrated slurries – we seek food that we can see, touch, feel, bite and savour. And that is why, from the very first days of human existence, we have used imagination, creativity and ingenuity in order to enact our ideas by giving new forms to basic, natural food products. As a result our ‘daily bread’ arrives on our table in a seemingly endless variety of recipes, ingredients, colours and shapes.”
Sonja Stummerer i Martin Hablesreiter

As a part of the exhibition held in Łódź entitled “Food | Design | Humanity”, curators from Honey & Bunny will present food design as design that is present in our everyday life, as design which we co-author. Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter will present artefacts of this one-of-a-kind type of design gathered from, among others, Polish supermarkets, open-air markets, bakeries, delicatessens, patisseries and cafeterias. The food products they found will be transformed into three installations, defined in terms of three subject categories: the process of design, rituals of consumption and eternity. Those edible artefacts will be placed on three long tables, arranged tastefully and with a sense of humour in a way that will make the idea of the project, its meaning and its function comprehensible and easy to read.

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Exhibition partner is: Austrian Cultural Forum.

Events related to the exhibition:

_Food | Design | Humanity Conference
_International premiere of the book ‘EAT DESIGN’ – meeting with the authors Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer 19/10/2013 18:00-18:30
_Guided Tours through the exhibition:
18/10/2013 17:00-18:00  – Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer (meeting next to the Food|Design|Humanity exhibition)
19/10/2013 16:00-17:00  – Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer (meeting next to the Food|Design|Humanity exhibition)