City Zone

It’s all about humanity: we’d like to invite you all to the City Zone, because no city could ever exist without its people.

It is no coincidence that the name “Łódź” comes first in “Łódź Design Festival”. We have strong links to the place where we live and work, and so we wouldn’t like the festival to become limited just to the events and exhibitions held at the festival centre at 35 Targowa street. Our desire is to make the life of the entire city revolve around design for those few extraordinary days so that the city of Łódź may discover design and that the world of design may discover Łódź. This is the reason why the City Zone came into being. The City Zone is a series of events and exhibitions which take place thanks to the commitment of dozens of our friends and partner institutions. It is they who make it possible for you to enjoy a plethora of design-related events held in a variety of locations such as clubs, galleries, ateliers and many others.

With the City Zone, you will see that „Łódź creates!” is by no means an empty slogan. You will discover extraordinary initiatives, people and places which, through their activities, contribute towards making our city a truly unique place.

Sala Neoplastyczna (Neoplastic Room)
14th. International Triennial of Tapestry
Herbstowie. Historie niedokończone (The Herbsts. Unfinished Stories), curators: Dorota Berbelska, Magdalena Michalska-Szałacka
Wędrująca witryna (The Moving Shop Window),
Polyphony, MOOMOO Architects
Galeria w przejściu (Underground gallery)
Polish Red Dots, curator: Czesława Frejlich
Bogowie (Gods),  Monika Wyłoga
Rozkwit (Blooming), Sylwia Ptak
Dialog miejsca i czasu (Dialogue between space and time), students of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Technical University of Lodz)
Patricia Urquiola’s fabrics – exposition of the furniture/ COMFORTY – furniture ‘dressed’ in KVADRAT fabrics
Monotypes, Adam Fołtarz
Projektowanie plus przemysł (Design plus industry)
Tadzio_marzyciel (Tadzio_the dreamer), Tadeusz Bilecki
Ćwiartka (Quarter), studenci ASP Wrocław
Stół za 100 (A One-Hundred Zloty Table), studenci ASP Wrocław
Prace domowe (Homework), Marta Morawska
Wyspa Piccolo (The Island of Piccolo), LATALAdesign
SHOWROOMstore: The way to good design is through your stomach
SHOWROOMstore: Jan Kath:  the floor designer
WellDone Good Things, curator: Jadwiga Husarska
Nowa FORMA (The New FORM), curator: Wawrzyniec Walczak
Struktura (The Structure), Anna Wręga
Na styku (At the Meet Point), curator: Malafor
Coral Reef, Arkadiusz Szwed
Arper – przyjazna przestrzeń (Arper – Friendly Space)
Open & Drink!, OKOLO
print control no.2,  curator: Magdalena Heliasz
Kinnarps News & Stories
The spirit of Poland, curator: Dorota Kabała
Łódź: the Unfinished City. Uncompleted Architectural Projects in Łódź (1945-89),  curator: Błażej Ciarkowski
Brutal – Retrospekcja (Brutal – Retrospection), Michał Łuczak
zUżycie SZTUKI [ART Use(d)] – exhibition after the 13th edition of the Artistic Jewellery Competition – “Presentations 2013″
P^3 = Projekt Pawilon Parametryczny (P^3 = Parametric Pavilion Project), authors: The “Angle” Scientific Club
13 na 13 (13 per 13), Architekci Łosiak Siwiak
Exhibition of works by Paweł Piechnik
Raptor na pustyni