Service Jam

Service design jam
hosted by: Wojtek Ławniczak, Marcin Chłodnicki

Service design is one of the components of the so-called design thinking, a method which stimulates innovativeness and efficiency through teamwork. The aim of service design is to ensure a positive experience and benefits for the user. As a consequence, services designed in this manner are more attractive and competitive. Owing to these qualities, these services become more popular with companies, organizations and institutions, increasing the efficiency of the services rendered as well as providing further opportunities for development.

Service design jam is a complete formula for service development. It is a creative process which integrates the team through the use of the methodology of co-creation and at the same time generates a positive energy between the participants. Work is performed by teams of participants utilizing a workshop method; the participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with innovative tools which allow them to be more efficient in the course of their day-to-day work.

Service jam design constitutes a possibility to work in an interdisciplinary design team. Time pressure and cooperation with experts make it possible to obtain knowledge about service design tools and to use such tools to the fullest possible extent. Workshop-based work embodies a team force which allows for problems to be viewed from a wider perspective and for a multitude of solutions to be developed. Another added value is networking, which allows the group to get to know their needs and abilities, which in turn makes it possible for their cooperation to become even better in the future.
The workshop groups comprise a maximum of 8 people, ensuring work comfort and full activity for all participants.
The meetings will take place over two workshop days.

Service jam is aimed at both management-level employees and people dealing with operational issues. Service jam applies all known design thinking methods. The workshops are performed using the co-creation method and utilize the following tools: Ideation, Customer Journey Map Personas, Map Building, Blueprinting, Moments of Truth.