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Wokół stołu (At the Table)

curator: collective of students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

Nothing can replace being together at the table, nor the time spent with one another while seated at table. The table is the focal point of each household and one of the items that bears the most powerful emotional, social and cultural features. The space arranged by the artists refers to the concept of group discussions and exchanging experiences while sitting at the table. It is at the table that the best ideas come to mind, where culture is born, where the exchange of thought can almost be traced, and where one reaches a higher level of communication. That is why the designer of the table and related objects assumes responsibility for encouraging its users to celebrate important moments and cherish the moment of togetherness. The designers work is not only supposed to underline the features of the meal, but also incite creative thinking and the will to engage in discussions in the participants of the meeting.

All projects presented at the exhibition were created by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

authors: Aneta Raszeja, Maria Marjakova, Judyta Wojciechowska, Natalia Czamańska, Karolina Ryfka, Marta Flisykowska, Karolina Navus Wysocka, Tomasz Kisiel, Sylwia Karwowska, Małgorzata Kapuścińska, Renata Korpas, Piotr Mazurczyk, Paulina Puciłowska, Paulina Kamela, Patrycja Kruk, Milena Kulczycka, Milena Stelmasiak, Marcin Zaborek, Magdalena Żochowska, Magdalena Radecka, Magdalena Nowak, Klaudia Szalecka, Katarzyna Kielbinska, Katarzyna Piętowska, Karolina Krych, Kamila Gąbka, Joanna Tomaszewska, Jakub Stojalowski, Jadwiga Popiel, Irena Holozubiec, Ewa Kurowska, Bożena Czarnecka, Anna Najmajer, Anna Freier, Aleksandra Gułajska, Aleksandra Rutkowska, Aleksandra Mohr, Aleksandra Michałowska, Aleksandra Kalinowska, Agnieszka Sokołowska, Agata Wojtczak, Ada Kowalczuk, Agata Krawczyk, Kamil Fiedorow, Krzysztof Rychławski, Aneta Raszeja, Irmina Jankowska, Monika Pisarek,
Ewa Traczuk, Olga Michalak

partners of the project: Polish Institute in Berlin, Lpp S.A.