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Art Food

authors: Andrew Deem, Emma Finch, Rachel Victoria Cox, Landon Peck, Alicja Patanowska, Ewelina Wiśniowska, I Liang Liu, Flavie Audi, Karolina Rybak, Paulina Masternak, Agata Dąbrowska, Dominika Bzdziak, Dorota Mostowiak, Marta Szostek

curator: Marek Cecuła

Art Food is an international project which integrates a number of fields, linking the world of design and the ceramics industry, education and the realities of the labour market, various work methods and the experiences of specific cultures. Students take their school-age realities and usher them into “real” life. This allows them to gain valuable professional experience, significant for their professional development path as designers – a path which, at a later stage, can develop into other directions, not necessarily linked to the ceramics industry.

During this project, students create ceramic vessels which combine art and humanist knowledge. In the course of design, anthropological and cooking workshops they learn about the cultural aspects of eating and the way in which the manner of preparation of individual dishes and the taste thereof influence the manner in which such dishes are served.

The participants of the project are 16 students of the Poznań School of Form (specialization: domestic design) as well as 12 students of the Royal College of Art in London. The final stage of the works will take place at the Ćmielów porcelain factory;
a total of 12 students – six from each of the institutions referred to above – will participate in this stage. All designs will be in porcelain, executed in an industrial environment during the Ćmielów Design Studio workshops to be held in July 2013, with two additional projects being executed in glass.

Project Art Food is coorganized by:

• Adam Mickiewicz Institute (www.culture.pl)
• Modus Design Studio Marka Cecuły (www.modusdesign.com)
• Royal College of Art, Londyn (www.rca.ac.uk)
• School of Form, Poznań (www.sof.edu.pl)
• Polskie Fabryki Porcelany „Ćmielów” i „Chodzież” S.A. (www.porcelana-cmielow.pl, www.porcelana.com.pl)

Partners and guests:

• Atelier Amaro (www.atelieramaro.pl)
• Concordia Design, Poznań (www.concordiadesign.pl)
• Tim Allen from Launceston Place, London (www.launcestonrestaurant.co.uk)
• William Sitwell (www.williamsitwell.dom)