Empathy is one of the most important attributes of a designer with a deeply humanistic approach to their work. By listening to the needs of people for whom they work and create products, they solve the real problems – including those that people are unaware of – using natural methods. It results in projects that significantly improve the quality of life. During the DEEP NEED | empathy and design exhibition, the curators Agnieszka Szóstek and Magda Kochanowska will showcase items and complete templates of underlying processes. These processes are the key to understanding how solutions based on the user-centred design concept are created.

The block is composed of the following parts:
– Main Programme Exhibition: DEEP NEED I empathy and design and  curator’s guided tour (Magda Kochanowska i Agnieszka Szóstek)
– Accompanying Exhibitions: Self indulgent design (David Carson)Książ Operation (Monika Patuszyńska)The Tree (Jarosław Hulbój)Modern Improvisations (TABANDA Group)Handle with care (Flowers for Slovakia)OperaLab „Designing Identity / Identity of Designing”
– Workshops: TACTILU (Jakub Koźniewski), Orange Labs (Łukasz Roth), Playful Interactions in public spaces (Rob Tieben)
– Meet the author sessions: David Carson / Self indulgent design,
Service Jam