Eating food has been a central part of people’s everyday life since the beginning of civilization. However, its form has always been decided by others. Why professional designers do not play a role in this process? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? The activities included in the programme will demonstrate that food can be treated as a product that should be designed to be fit for consumption, and also to be ergonomic and functional. Food design, by playing with traditional recipes and local tastes, is an opposition against the sacred role of food as a powerful carrier of history and cultural identity. At the Food | Design | Humanity exhibition, the curators, Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter (the Honey&Bunny duo) will place edible items on three long tables. They will arrange them with taste and humour in such a way that the project idea is as simple and easy to understand as the meaning and practical functions of these items.

The block is composed of the following parts:
– Exhibitions: Food I Design I Humanity (Main Programme) and Curator’s guided tour: Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter
Food | Design | Humanity conference (Gabriele Sorgo, Beate Koller, Prof. Dr. Vijai K. S. Shukla, Eugenio Butelli, Marc Bretillot, Earlwyn Covington, Katarzyna Gliszczyńska, Peter Raspor, Joanna Mroczkowska, Peter Barham)
– Accompanying Exhibitions: Art Food (Marek Cecuła), Around the Table (ASP Gdańsk)The Wishing Table (Michael Vasku), Hungry Planet (Peter Menzel, Faith D’Aluisio)
– A workshops hosted by Grzegorz Łapanowski, Agata Bielska