about us

Lodz Design Festival is people, action, a phenomenon and an idea. It was created in 2007 as a review of Polish achievements in the field of design. Through subsequent editions it evolved, reflecting the self-defining process of design. By conducting dialogue with people from the very start of its existence, the festival expanded, adding new elements and forming its current shape, which incorporates such events as:

The Main Programme being the centre of the festival composed of a set of curator exhibits prepared in reference to an annually defined guiding motif representing various views on design. The make me! contest that since 2008 gives budding designers a chance to present their diploma projects which form an image of their search for identity. The Remade Market where since 2010 you can purchase original and exceptional items directly from their authors and talk to them about their inspirations. The Educreation zone dedicated to families with children is a place for creative fun and learning regardless of age, status or knowledge. Since 2011 it helps in building a new quality of cross-generational relations.
must have, a competition and exhibit focusing on selecting and communicating the best Polish functional applications was initiated in that year as well. Reading room and meetings with authors took place for the first time in 2012.

Lodz Design Festival is a thought exchange platform allowing for a constructive exchange of views and observations as well as a possibility of meeting specialists from all over the world. The Festival gathers open-minded and committed people open to challenges. People who have the courage to design and change the world for the better. This designer mentality, inseparable from everyday problems, constitutes an expression of the humanistic aspect of designing, which is not only about creating another beautiful chair. Always located in former production plants, the Festival brings to mind a memory of former glory that diminished as quickly as it developed, extraordinary human industriousness and work ethos standing at the base of the dynamic growth of Łódź in the 19th century – once an industrial metropolis, currently a city building its new identity with creativeness.

Lodz Design Festival organised by Łódź Art Center is currently the most important international-scale event focusing on design in Poland with over 200 thousand visitors during past editions.