Prace domowe (Homework)

author: Marta Morawska 

The Homework project explores the idea of cottage industry. It was an analysis of the functioning of co-operatives in the past as compared to today’s status of cottage industry that became the starting point for the whole project related process. The main task of the project was to develop methods/structure of the project process in direct cooperation with a group of prospective homeworkers. The search was targeted on 55+ persons, unemployed persons, students, and mothers. The project objective was about creating conditions of cooperation, and setting a home manufacturing line in motion. The main assumption was to make the project group involved in each stage of the project, beginning with the concept development stage through manufacturing to self-depended operation of the group. The group with which cooperation was started included 55+ persons from the Day-Care Nursing Home at 59, Walecznych St. in Saska Kępa district of Warsaw.

Partner: Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER, ul. Pomorska 39,
8.10-27.10 / opening 18.10, 17:30 / Mon-Fri: 12:00-18:00



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