P^3 = Parametric Pavilion Project

P3_Form_Generationauthors: The “Angle” Scientific Club

P^3 meaning Parametric Pavilion Project, is a multi-dimensional event. During three-weeks long workshops 30 participants got familiar with the possibilities of parametric design softwares. Later being divided into groups, using acquired skills, students were encouraged to create several pavilion concepts, which were inspiration for the final form. With the help of professionals from the Dessau Institute of Architecture participants designed a pavilion made of openwork panels and elements joining them, which were cut from plywood boards. The next stage was to build this structure in an unoccupied space on the campus of the Lodz University of Technology.

Furthermore, the pavilion for the next years is to be a place for meetings and various events related to the life of the university.

The organizers have the intention to further promote the idea of parametric design, among other things, by including subject of that topic into the curriculum of the Architecture and Urban Planning course.

/20.10: 19:00 – opening / 21.10-27.10: Mon-Sun: 8:00-21:00

/Place: Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of TUL, B16 Building, al. Politechniki 6