concept: Niclaus Mewes (CEO), Sven Külper (CMO), 2009

Mytaxi is a free-of-charge application which allows ordering the next available taxi without the need to calling the operator. A passenger orders a taxi by calling directly a taxi driver from his/her Smartphone, and the nearest taxi driver frist receives information about the request.

Both the customer and the taxi driver know their current locations and can track them on a map. From the point of view of the passenger, it is very important to know if the taxi driver is on his/her way. The passenger knows the name of the taxi driver as well as the make and model of his/her car and also can see picture of him/her. The system shows real-time results for the time of arrival and the distance between the passenger and the taxi driver.

The application offers additional options: ordering a favourite taxi driver and selection of the method of payment. Passengers can also “save” their favourite drivers as priority choices for any future taxi rides. Additionally, Mytaxi drivers provide high-level services to receive the best possible review from their passengers. As a result of good reviews, they have more Mytaxi customers. If necessary, a taxi driver can always call his/her customer on his/her mobile. The application gives the comfort of safety and being in control to both passengers and taxi drivers.