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Workshops at Księży Młyn

Workshops at Księży Młyn are places where tradition of hard work meets joy and passion for creation. The renovated walls of former worker lodgings house seven art workshops which painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers and fashion designers quickly filled with a creative atmosphere.
The upcoming open workshop day is an amazing opportunity to meet artists and lift the mystery that has always surrounded their workshops.

Ewa Kozieradzka
Venue: Księży Młyn, Przędzalniana 63, 7/12

Ewa Żochowska
kreatoora Galeria (kreatora Gallery) and Ewa Żochowska’s Studio
Venue: Księży Młyn, Przędzalniana 63/6

Maciej Łuczak
The Open Workshop and Portrait Gallery is an unexpected marriage of these two spaces which usually work separately. It gives the visitors an outstanding possibility to confront a ready made work with a process during this art is created. If in the middle of this confrontation appear any doubts or ambiguities there will be a chance to talk to the artist.
Venue: Księży Młyn, Przędzalniana 55/6

Marcin Mielczarek
Presentation of the sculptor’s studio: exhibition of the works, demonstration of the modeling in clay (portrait sculpture) and demonstration of the sculpture technology.
Venue: Księży Młyn, Przędzalniania 61/1a

Natalia Anna Kalisz
Natalia Anna Kalisz invites to her new art studio. The artist practices mixed graphic techniques, painting and photography. She organizes art workshops for children and adults, happenings and art exhibitions. She believes that contact with art helps to improve human spiritual life and induces to study our own identity, that is why she organizes workshops for children and youth who are under a care of foundations, hospices and adoption and care centers.
During The Night of Open Workshops the artist will present the painting created together with the citizens of Lodz, during the happening “Painting connects people – citizens of Lodz and art informel’’ (September 29th) and the authors signatures album.
Venue: Księży Młyn, Przędzalniana 53/6