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PechaKucha Night Łódź vol. 12

leading: Grupa CUKIER

The 12th Łódź event of Pecha Kucha will be exceptional. Polish and British experts participating in the event will give you a new perspective on design in both the countries. On our behalf and on behalf of the British Council and Grupa Cukier, we extend to you an invitation to Widzewska Manufaktura facilities for 19th October (time: 8.20 p.m.) hoping it will send you into a creative frenzy.

PechaKucha comes from the Japanese work for „chat”. It is a non-standard form of presentation created by two architects from Tokyo. Their main goal is to present a selected topic to a broader audience in a short and concise manner. The rule is simple: 20×20 i.e. 20 slides, each displayed for 20 seconds.

PechaKucha is an open and not commercial event. Anyone who has something interesting to show or say can present their topic. The idea and will to share it with others is what is most important in this project. The presentation may be about a furniture design, clothing collection, trip around the world, social initiative, new event – in other words, anything that is based on a creative idea and should be shared. Presentations often serve as just a pretext for further discussion and the beginning of interesting acquaintances.

PechaKucha first took place in 2003 and is currently organized in 446 cities worldwide! It is staged in Poland on a regular basis in Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, the Tri-City and Katowice, for example. The official organizer of the Łódź PechaKucha event is Grupa CUKIER.

International website of PechaKucha: pecha-kucha.org/night/lodz/
Video: www.youtube.com/user/GrupaCUKIER
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PechaKuchaLodz
Local website: www.pechakuchalodz.blogspot.com

Agnieszka-MakarewiczAgnieszka Makarewicz is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she did her studies at the Faculty of Interior Design. She expanded her knowledge and passion for architecture at the Mercer College NJ, USA. In 2007, she moved to London where she worked for a number of companies including Darlings Associates, DEGW (Aecom) and Casa Forma. It was Ms Makarewicz who in September, 2009, organized in the Barbican Centre the “Polish Architects Exhibition – The Futurological Congress” which was then presented at the Singapore Design Festival 2009 as well. In 2013, she participated as a guest of honour in “Semana 39” conference in Mexico City, organized by Centro School of Design. Currently, she runs her own business of Agnes Makarewicz Interior Design.

Anna Pietrzyk-Simone_2Anna Pietrzyk-Simone has been working with the Lovegrove Studio in London (in the past as Head of Communications and currently as Director of Special Projects) since 2004. She has completed Masters degrees in Management from the University of Warsaw and Design Strategy and Innovation from Brunel University, London. Prior to moving to London, she worked on developing the creative industries in South Africa at Design Indaba. As co-founder of the Creative Project Foundation in 2009, she jointly curated and produced the “Young Creative Poland” series of exhibitions in London and Milan, initiated the designlink.pl guide and co-curated the “What’s for breakfast – Design from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Georgia” exhibition in Tbilisi. She was Managing Editor of the book “Discovering Women in Polish Design”. Anna collaborated with the National Museum in Warsaw on the exhibition “We Want To Be Modern: Polish Design 1955-1968”, where she was responsible for international communications and strategic partnership development. Anna promotes Polish design worldwide and facilitates collaboration between Polish designers, companies and international partners.

Ewa Ayton_2Ewa Ayton is the Head of Arts and Culture in the British Council in Poland where she and her team run the program of New Connections promoting the British art and concerned with issues including creativity and drive in culture. In the years 2007-2011, she was the Regional Manager of the Creative Cities project implemented in 15 countries of Northern and Central Europe, in Russia and Ukraine. Currently, Ms Ayton manages a 3-year-long project of CENTRES, funded by the European Union and implemented in 8 of its member countries. The project is focused on developing creative and entrepreneurial attitudes in secondary school students.

Gian Luca AmadeiGian Luca Amadei is one of the Programme Manager within the department of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council. Following a degree in Interior Design at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Gian Luca pursued his interests in architecture theory studying for an MSc in Architecture History and Theory at the Bartlett (UCL). Alongside his Masters, in 2007 Gian Luca started a long lasting collaboration with leading architecture and design magazine Blueprint, first as European Correspondent and then as Product Editor. In this role Gian Luca significantly developed design contacts with UK and international practices. He also edited the monthly Produce section of the magazine as well as wrote features and reviews. This experience deepened his curiosity for design process and design related technological innovations. Gian Luca has recently completed his PhD thesis at the University of Kent Canterbury School of Architecture. Extracts of his thesis “The Evolving Paradigm of Victorian Necropolises: Its origins and contributions to London’s plan from the early nineteenth-century to modernity”, have been presented as individual papers at conferences in the UK and abroad. Whilst working on his PhD, Gian Luca has tutored and lectured on the BA Architecture course at the University of Kent. He is the author of “Discovering Women in Polish Design: Interviews & Conversations” (2009).

Katarzyna Jezowska_2Kasia Jeżowska arranges exhibitions, writes articles and gives lectures on design and on the art of arranging exhibitions. She graduated from Kingston University in Curating Contemporary Design, a course offered in partnership with the London Design Museum. Also, Ms Jeżowska is a graduate of the University of Łódź where she majored in the History of Art and wrote her diploma thesis on the contemporary Polish design exhibitions. As a curator and editor, she is an associate of the Creative Project Foundation whose mission is about promoting the Polish design. Also, she is busy working on her doctoral dissertation started at the Royal College of Art in London which is about Polish exhibitions promoting our design and economy both in the country and abroad in the context of socialist modernity. Her recent crowd-funding Design Miners campaign is intended to raise money required to complete the above research project.

Magda Szabert_2Magda Szabert has ten years of experience in architectural and engineering practices in the UK and Ireland, leading multidisciplinary teams as Designer, Line Manager, CAD-coordinator, Quality Manager and Design Manager. She is an expert in the off-site design, production and implementation of CLT technology and led the implementation of the biggest – at the time of construction – CLT superstructure in the UK.

Oscar Lhermitte_2Oscar Lhermitte is a multidisciplinary designer based in London. He runs Studio Oscar Lhermitte and is the co-founder and CEO of Sidekick Creatives Ltd. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009 and the Royal College of Art in 2011, he quickly settled his own design studio touching different fields of creativity. Oscar’s body of work ranges from industrial design to art installations, always keeping design thinking at the core of every project. In 2012, after a successful experience in crowdfunding, Oscar gathered a team of designers, photographers and filmmakers to found Sidekick Creatives Ltd, the first studio helping creative projects to be launched on crowdfunding platforms. Sidekick Creatives’ vision is to support the best of Art and Design while in the same time building a community of creative people collaborating with and supporting each other. Despite being less than a year old, Sidekick Creatives has been supporting several award winner designers and is being recognised by the creative community. Oscar’s body of work has been exhibited in several museums and exhibitions, he has also been giving talks in different institutions, the Royal Astronomical Society amongst others.

Siobhan Henderson is Festival Manager at the London Design Festival and has completed four editions of the Festival since 2010. She manages the London Design Festival at the V&A events programme and installations, as well as relationships with key stakeholders such as the Arts Council, England and Mayor of London. Siobhan has expertise in working with a range of cultural organisations and audiences, from student to government, on projects including business development and promotion for the creative industries. The focus of her studies has been European Culture and she has an MA in Arts Management and Policy. She was born and bred in London.

Weronika Rochacka_2Weronika Rochacka is an independent consultant on designing services, design management and design education. She worked with the Design Council in London, the leading centre for promoting effective design management worldwide. She has participated in creating e.g. school and university education projects as well as projects for popularising design knowledge among British entrepreneurs, science and technology centres and public organisations. Weronika takes part on a regular basis in design conferences, organises workshops and discussion panels. Member of the Cieszyn Castle Programme Council. She works e.g. with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Marshall Office and Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice under the Design Silesia programme.