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Operacja Książ (Operation “Książ”)

autor: Monika Patuszyńska

The underlying concept of the project “Operation Książ” is to explore the remnants of the fallen porcelain factories, both in the literal and figurative sense, as well as to observe the processes occurring therein. The artist poses the question on what role art, design and intellectual property play when life and society clash with the external world – question concerning their value, significance and future.

The project is a sum-up of a whole day spent in the halls of the “Książ” Porcelain Factory that was closed down nine years ago. During that day, the artist used the gypsum forms scattered around the factory to create porcelain objects. For years, these forms had been affected by the water dripping from the leaky ceilings. The works are completed by the film “Operation Książ”. Reconciliation that documents the entire process.

Film by: Lurid Lord

Project was funded bythe Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Cultural Education program.