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Just a few years ago it was a production plant filled with machines, today a developing zone of interactive actions. A former cotton and weaving mill was transformed into a vibrant centre for young and creative people with original ways of life. It houses: a concert hall, a recording studio, a practice hall, a curator workshop, a group of film makers focused on animation, a social co-operative and a gallery for disabled artists. It will be possible to visit them all during the Night of Open Ateliers.

Aleksandra Kmiecik
Spring/Summer 2014 collection presentation

Bajkonur opens its doors to everyone interested in getting to know our team and our offer for people passionate about music. In less than two years we organized 40 alternative music concerts and 200 bands played 800 rehearsals in our rooms – we truly are an open melting pot for musicians.
On Saturday night (October 19th) please feel invited to Bajkonur Open Jam! You can not only meet us, check out our rehearsal rooms, Soyuz recording studio and learn more about Marek Kadziela’s music school, but also you can join an open jam session on our stage. We provide basic equipment and instruments, you can bring your own. You can also just come with your friends, talk and relax over drinks and snacks served by our bar. For a couple of nigths every month Bajkonur changes to a regular concert venue.

Presentation of refreshed furniture and objects from the years 50/60/70 those which were before unwanted, forgotten and abandoned and were waiting for their second chance. During the open nights you will be able to purchase some furniture.

A bioshelter is a solar powered shelter / dwelling space, managed as a living ecosystem. It involves two fields of knowledge and design. The first is architecture, designed to nurture an ecosystem within or adopted for that purpose from what you can find within the city structure. A bioshelter structure uses glazing to contain and protect the living biology inside, control air exchange and absorb energy. The building exchanges nutrients, gases and energy with the surrounding environment, produces crops, and recycles waste organic material into the soil. Solar energy is stored as heat energy in thermal mass such as water, stone, masonry, soil and plant biomass.

The second is the biology inside the bioshelter. You can compare a bioshelter to a contained ecosystem. The structure of the bioshelter and the thermal mass inside moderates the air temperature. Solar heat is absorbed and stored for later use. Water moves through the soil and plants. Year-round habitat is provided for beneficial insects . Ecological relationships between pests and their predators reduce the number of pests. Gases are exchanged among the animals, insects, micro-organisms, soil and plants. A well-designed bioshelter, managed by human intelligence, can shelter a community of people, food crops, edible fish, and a diverse ecosystem of plants, animals and soil life.

Place: Fundacja Transformacja, Wi-ma, al. Piłsudskiego 135

Presentation of children’s clothing and accessories which are produced in Lodz.
They are characterized by comfort, simplicity of form and attention to details.

Pracownia Sitodruku
facebook/BLOT pracownia
Social Cooperative “Screen printing Workshop” would like to welcome everybody for introduction of the way our workplace works. We will talk about our work, show you our workshop and explain what screen printing is all about.
Five graduates from Academy of Fine art in Lodz brought to live “Screen printing Workshop” and are very proud of its rich design, unlimited by size or quantity. The Workshop is a type of manufacture in which are formed unique, handmade art effects. We welcome everybody that is interested in cooperation with our Workshop. We are willing to take up a challenge of designing one of a kind upholstery fabric for unique furniture or any type of interior accessories such as: curtains or table clothes.
“Screen printing Workshop” is also BLOT ́s brand, which is used to sign our clothes and interior designs. During the Open Workrooms Night you will be introduced to Blot ́s assortment and have a chance of purchasing our products.

Punkt Widzenia
Punkt Widzenia Portfolio review.

Spóła Działa

Presentation of the activity and photo exhibition „Gang TU – WIMA”. At the photo exhibition we will introduce a characters of people who belongs to a creative part of Wi-Ma. It is a supplement of already existing collection called “Tu-wima’s Women” completing the whole picture of wima’s community with a very important man’s element. There will be also a presentation of illustrations and artist’s books for children.

During the Open Worooms Night at Wi-Ma WJTeam will present its achievments sets and puppets that were used in their animated films as well as films and music videos which they produced. Additionaly, at 10 pm there will be presentation “from idea to realisation” of the very new WJTeam’s project “First time stories” directed by Daria Kopiec.