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Light Beyond Efficiency, Philips

leading: Rogier van der Heide

The rightful and purposeful design of light in architecture is a profession and an art that goes way beyond making things “efficient”. Because what does “efficiency” really mean?

Sure, the reduction of energy consumption is of incredible importance, and today’s LED lighting contributes in a tremendous way to that. But then there is so much more about light…. Beyond the simple objective of reaching efficiency, light is about wellbeing, about feeling healthy and being stimulated. Light is about being amazed and about giving people a feeling of love for the world around them. Light is about imagination. Join Rogier van der Heide who will share his vision on light in architecture and show projects that are fine examples of careful lighting design and project planning, that could only be realized because both the creative team and the engineers worked so closely together with the client. Many of the design processes took many years, and are rooted in a profound knowledge of the project, and deep interest in its context, as well as its history and future. And what a pleasure it is for lighting designers to work on such projects! To be able to contribute to the imagination of so many people, visitors and city dwellers alike, and make light and lighting design go beyond efficiency. That is what drives Rogier van der Heide and Philips Lighting, and that is the passion he will share with you during his talk.

Rogier van der Heide is a well-known designer in the public and commercial realm, and Vice President and Chief Design Officer of Philips Lighting. Rogier focuses on innovation-led design as an enabler of bridging technology and the creation of meaningful, life-enhancing solutions. He has 20 years of experience in engaging, inspiring, three-dimensional design that fuses light, image projection, architecture and product design to create memorable, authentic experiences around the world. Rogier has received over 20 individual design awards, and his design team at Philips got accoladed over 35 times with iF Awards and Reddot Awards, the leading global industry prizes for innovative design. Rogier’s work is widely recognised as leading in the field of creative and independent design. Many architects work together with Rogier – Renzo Piano, Ben van Berkel, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Michael Graves, Cesar Pelli, Rob Krier and many others.