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LDZ Alternatywa 2013: Super Girl & Romantic Boys


Their beginnings were connected with Warsaw. It was 1998, the days of omnipresent techno and early Polish hip hop music. Back then, nobody knew that a few years later the music and the style of the 1980s were to become the last word in fashion again, and that the then stars and bands, famous in the days of the Polish People’s Republic, would reactivate on a massive scale. They originated from punk circles and were inspired by the first retro discos held in the squats of Łódź. That tradition was brought by them to Warsaw where, in squats, they played hits by Kombi, Urszula, Kapitan Nemo and other stars representative of the Polish new romantic/disco music on old Unitra record players.


Organizer: Factory of Art in Łódź
Venue: Klub DOM, OFF Piotrkowska, ul. Piotrkowska 138/140