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Conference Food | Design | Humanity

Conference Food | Design | Humanity

Curators and moderators: Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter

Based on the practices adopted by conventional media, three aspects of the experience of everyday consumption of food can be distinguished: culinary critics, recipes or dietary guidelines, and heated debates on food scandals. Outside these aspects, food is considered as a rather trivial topic. And as far as the design aspect is concerned, food design is actually the least important area of design. Designers design cars, clothes, chairs, but not food. Food designers are rare. Fingers of both hands are enough to count the outstanding representatives of this profession. Designers carelessly leave designing the world’s most frequently purchased consumer goods to a small group of researchers and marketing professionals working behind closed doors for a handful of food corporations. We do not know who and according to what principles designs the most important product for people.

We do not know either what technologies and know-how is used in designing food. And this is what we would like to talk about in Łódź. The debates will be preceded by lectures delivered by representatives of the world of science, industry, food design, and food activists. The speakers will present the current development and situation in the market and their ideas of giving a deeper and more human dimension to the shaping of the food world.

During the panel discussions on food products, food technology, design and humanity, international experts will present results of their research, work, and interpretation of the current and projected food situation. A debate with participation of all attendees will be the last item on the agenda