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Dom Iluzji (A House of Illusion)

What is the leitmotif of this year’s exhibition by Ceramika Paradyż is an optic illusion, our misperception making us see things which are non-existent, in fact. Specially designed Paradyż Group products placed in a number of different rooms will be responsible for illusory impressions distorting the shapes of objects or images which, in fact, are not to be found in those interiors. The idea behind the Ceramika Paradyż Exhibition is to make us aware that our sense of sight, however perfect it may seem, is easy to deceive. The reason for it is wrong image recognition resulting from not full or deliberately changed information you receive. During the Łódź Design Festival 2013, visitors to the Ceramika Paradyż Exhibition will be able to see for themselves how easy it is to change the way of perceiving things and to deceive the sense of sight.