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Handle with care

: Lars Kemper, Peter Olah (Flowers for Slovakia)

featured designers: Elena Bolceková, Ondřej Elfmark, Kristína Chudíková, Zuzana Labudová, Michala Lipková, Jakub Pollág, Ján Rehák, Peter Simoník, Michal Sloboda, Ludmila Žilková

“Young Slovak Design Narrates Folk Stories”

Bringing flowers to someone means sharing beauty – building upon this idea, the project Flowers For Slovakia aims to support Slovak design education. Flowers for Slovakia is an extraordinary project for extraordinary design students. The concept is based on the idea of giving special possibilities to selected students who highlighted themselves with their attitude, talent and skills in the field of design.

The first deliverance of this laboratory is the collection “Handle with Care”. A unique glass design collection presents twelve conceptual objects inspired by Slovak folk legends and fairy tales. Having been translated into the language of signs, each of the objects tells a different story. As once the traditional treasure boxes in Slovak households used to hide the wealth of their owners – twelve plywood boxes highlight unique pieces of young design creativity.

In the “Handle with Care” collection, each metaphor that was melt into the glass evokes curiosity to learn more. The jar with grips from a handbag updates a story of a girl who chose love over money, unlike nowadays gold-diggers who hunt after millionaires, with expensive handbags as their signal sign. Chained duck leg prefers freedom over wealth, imprisoned ball embodies blind hunt for profit and tight corset unveils sick understanding of beauty. An attentive observer decodes the meaning quickly – designers update old stories and bring their timeless message back to our lives.

The collection is a result of one year of educational process. Twelve most talented design students, who were chosen on the ground of portfolio submission, were awarded not only worthy practical experience but as well a unique chance to tell exceptional story and showcase their design thinking. During two workshops students went through both concept building under professional design consultancy and prototyping in Ajeto Glassworks (Nový Bor and Lindava, Czech Republic).

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