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Współczesne improwizacje (Modern Improvisations)

authors: TABANDA, MALAFOR, Bashko Trybek – projektant, Emilia Kohut, HOAX longboards, Wojtek Mazolewski, Krzysia Staniszewska, RAZY2, Grupa Smacznego, LIMO/Monika Potorska, Radical Eyewear, Majesty skis, Projekt jajko, NOVA – wiatrakowiec

curator: Grupa Tabanda

The curators of “Modern Improvisations” focus on the manner, method and process of creating products in various areas.
They present and elucidate the definition of creative improvisation in design works; they recall the value of craft workshops. They tell each and every story of design, music and animation by showing the viewer what is hidden behind the doors of
a workshop, atelier or studio. They seek out interesting stories, photographs; they rub the dust off old sketches and prototypes. They wonder how the carpenter devised such a form for his chair, which methods did he go for at first, which did he abandon, and what did he discover on the way? They observe a musician composing a melody from scratch: what is the proportion between improvisation and preparation?

The exhibition was presented at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2013, where it was honoured with the 2013 Pappel Design Award.

partners of the project: Gdynia Design Center, Gdynia City